Memphis Pharmacies - What You Should Know About Buying Herbal Medicine in Memphis Pharmacies

Memphis pharmacies sell prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, supplements and herbal products. If you are planning on buying herbal products soon, there are a couple of things you ought to know so as to avoid picking the wrong products or paying too much for them. If you want to choose safer products, consider the following suggestions.

Stay away from the proprietary blends
One thing you need to do when shopping for supplements in pharmacies in Memphis is to steer clear of products with the phrase ‘Proprietary Blends’. More often than not, these are just laundry list of herbal ingredients that don’t give any information on the herbs that they contain. When buying supplements, you ought to know what is contained in them as well as the dose that you should take. Proprietary blends hide the fact that the products are just filler with very small levels of active ingredients.

Check for approval from third-party
There are several companies that handle the testing of supplements. These companies strive to inform consumers of the ingredients of the products and whether they are safe for consumption. After testing, the third-party testing companies will display their logos or seals on the labeling of the supplement. When buying supplements from pharmacy Memphis, make sure that the product has third-party approval.

Thinks big
When you want to buy the best supplements, it is good to stick with the bigger Memphis pharmacies. This is for the simple fact that there is more scrutiny in the bigger pharmacies than in the small independent ones. What is more is that the major retailers can be held accountable for substandard products in a manner that small drugstores cannot.

Know the red flags
Manufacturers use many strategies to lure consumers in. Some of the strategies include the use of false claims. When buying herbal products for weight loss, it is important to be hyper vigilant. For example, if the label says the product will boost energy levels or help lose weight faster, you need to pay attention to the ingredients. Most such products contain bitter orange or caffeine which has been known to create heart palpitations and a chain of other issues. Make sure that the ingredients in the product are safe for consumption. Additionally, you should be wary of promises that are too good to be true. Chances are they are an exaggeration.

Consult your doctor
Just because a product is being offered by renowned pharmacies in Memphis does not mean you use it blindly. The product might be safe but it might not be safe for you. Before you start using the product, don’t just rely on the advice you get from the pharmacist, talk to your doctor. You should always do this before you start taking the supplements. Even the safest of herbal products can interact with the drugs you are taking and can also be dangerous if you are pregnant.

These are quick tips to help you the next time you want to buy herbal products from a Memphis pharmacy. Never allow your excitement get the best of you; do some research before making a choice.

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