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How To Choose A Memphis Pharmacy That Is Right For You

Choosing a pharmacy in Memphis is a very important decision in modern day’s prescription driven society. There are so many things that ought to be considered. The goal is to ensure that you select a pharmacy that will help you get the best price and services that best fit your needs. There are a couple of considerations you need to make when choosing a drugstore.


The most important factor to consider when considering pharmacies in Memphis is availability. When doing this, you have to look at two things:

  • Location: You need to ensure that the Memphis pharmacy you end up choosing is close enough to where you live. When you are sick, you don’t want to spend hours driving to your preferred pharmacy. You want one that is on your way.
  • Working Hours: Some of the best Memphis pharmacies are those that offer round the clock pharmacy hours. However, you don’t necessarily need a 24 hour pharmacy. What you need is a pharmacy that is open at least from 8 in the morning to 7 in the evening throughout the week.


If you carry insurance, you don’t want to spend extra money on drugs, do you? You want your insurance company to pay for the drugs. While considering pharmacies in Memphis focus on those that accept a wide range of insurance plans. More importantly, you have to make sure that the pharmacy accepts the insurance plan that you currently carry. You need a pharmacy in Memphis that accepts a range of insurance plans because plans change regularly. It will be a shame to have to search for another pharmacy that accepts your new plan.

Another important thing you need to consider is if the Memphis pharmacy accepts ALL Medicare Part D plans. This is important if you receive Medicare. You need to ensure that when you change from one plan to another you will not be forced to change pharmacies.

You Don’t Have Insurance

If you will be paying for the drugs directly from your pocket, you need to shop around for the Memphis pharmacies that will not push you to the wall. Shop around for the best price. The internet will also help you find pharmacies within your region that offer the most competitive rates. Compare prices before settling.

HIPPA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was passed in 2003 by congress. This deals with the rights of patients. Always ensure the pharmacy in Memphis is complaint with the HIPPAA laws. There will be a sign posted for this. The pharmacy should also have a private consult area.

Over-the-counter products

You will not need a prescription for all drugs. Make sure the pharmacies in Memphis carries OTC products. You want to get all your drugs from one place and not from different pharmacies that suit your needs.

Friendly and personal services

Madison Pharmacy offers you great customer service in Memphis. Our company helps you in all your pharmacy need and also we will call your insurance company in case of any problem.

Large inventory

Last but not least, ensure the Memphis pharmacy has a large inventory. You don’t want to have to go to another pharmacy because the drug you are looking for is not available.

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